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BFF was established to design and integrate modern broadcast and other media content solutions, including OTT content delivery, that are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. And be a Solution Architect ready and able to work anywhere in the world.


A niche company positioning was to design highly cost effective solutions that very precisely met customer business requirements by tailoring the solution architecture to only the exact business requirement – and no more. We had considerable insight and experience within media operations and believed that traditional functional areas defined by analogue technology systems, as well as traditional organisation designs (hierarchical versus network based), made it difficult to optimise media operations significantly. We designed workflows integrating technical functionalities supporting new business requirements. This including multi-skilled operators, remote working, ingestion and processing of content from multiple and varying sources, as well as repurposing content for online and mobile platforms. Finally, we sought and found technology sub-systems and components that integrate into highly competitively priced solutions that require fewer and differently skilled operators. BFF’s focus was from start to offer competitively priced solutions delivering precisely the required output – and designing workflows around multi-skilled operators. Training for each work position became a focus.


We also wanted to design and deliver solutions very precisely aligned with the customer’s business requirements. We developed an approach that always starts with needs analysis and modelling solution architectures, this in close co-operation with the customer. We attained short implementation periods by imposing formal and strong project management, and by selecting technologies available from suppliers able to deliver within the project timeframe. Final built technical solutions were formally tested and accepted by the customer before hand-over and commissioning.


In summary, BFF designs and integrates system solutions delivering the workflows and outputs required, because that is the client requirement. We set up strong project delivery requirements because our collaboration with you is more likely closer to a partnership than a contract for services. All client requirements evolve into a final technical design through finessing initial requirements, functionalities and proposed technology choices, together.


Our customer references literally speak for themselves – click on the Selected Case video on the right and see for yourself!

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